The Alpha Theory difference: 

Yes our profit margins are not as high as some other supplement companies out there. But we believe to achieve absolute QUALITY in every bottle. Don't be fooled sometimes the more expensive bottle may not be worth the extra money. DO YOUR RESEARCH. 


Ineffective ingredients: 

More is not always better. If a product has a significant ingredient panel with ingredients and formulas you have never heard of don't be fooled. Understand that there are PRIME active ingredients that actually support your training goals     



Ineffective doses:  

Dosing is important! Science backed ingredients need to be added at the proper dose in each serving. Too much or too little can effect the function of the ingredient by competing in your bodies transports not allowing it to achieve its proper function. Pay attention to CLINICAL doses.  


No proprietary blends: 

Proprietary blends allow supplement companies to hide their dosing and ingredients preventing you from knowing what you are actually buying. 

Alpha Theory does not support proprietary blends and will never add this to any future products. If a company isn't willing to show you there ingredients we do not recommend you support them. Force the industry to change! 


Banned Substance free: 

Yes this is still an issue! Even though the supplement industry has come along way with innovation and the quality of products there still are modern products that have banned ingredients in there formulas. We third party test our products and manufacture in an FDA regulated, GMP certified facility that abides to top notch quality and efficiency.