Take advantage of earning points while you shop! We reward you for your loyalty. Learn more below! 

Welcome to our Loyalty Program!

Earn points on every purchase for in store cash, free items and free shipping! All you need to do is create a customer account and start earning when you checkout your purchases!

How it works:

How to redeem your points: 

You can sign in to your account at anytime to see your points status. You can redeem these points you earned and receive a redeemable voucher code sent directly to your email. 

Ways to spend: 

Get rewarded and keep getting rewarded on all your future purchases when you create a customer account with us. We want to make sure that as you support the team we give back to you! We are more than just a brand. We are a lifestyle and community behind quality products! 

Already have an account? Sign in here. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  • How do I sign up? If you have already created a customer account (checked out with a email.) than you have been automatically granted full access to the rewards program. If not simply sign up in the link above. Or create an account on the top right corner of our site. Once your account has been created you can login in the same link. And view your points via the "floating present Icon"

  • Are my free gifts refundable or exchangeable? No, free gifts are not able to be refunded or exchanged.

  • Do my vouchers expire? No you are free to use them at anytime.

  • Dont remember your login? Contact our support team. support@alphatheorysupplements.com
  • Is the brand ambassador email the same as the customer login? They can be. They are two separate dashboards that you sign into. So you may have used a different email to login into your ambassador dashboard than you use to checkout on your purchase. Although you can have the same email for both. 
  • When do I see my new points? When you login to your account and click on the "present my rewards widget" you will see updates. As well as you should receive an email indicating the points you have earned. 

  • Is the loyalty program available to customers outside the U.S? As of now we do not have this capability within the rewards program. We do however plan on adding this. 

  • Will I earn points on my previous purchases made before I signed up? Unfortunately not – you’ll only be eligible to receive points on purchases made after becoming a member. But we’ll gift you 300 points just for signing up!

  • What if I accidentally use a different email at checkout. Do I still get my points? Unfortunately not. 
  • What happens to my earned points if I cancel my order? Cancelled/ refunded orders are not eligible to earn points, so points will be removed from your account after your order is cancelled.