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It was great I love the higher stim

I Love it!

The sweater is so comfortable and since I live in Idaho right now and winter is starting soon it's my go to sweater and the protein, I love the fact that I can trust what's in it and not second guess myself. I love it!


Best tasting and pumps money can buy


I love this stuff! I get up at 4:45am and go to the gym. I’m always so tired and never have the natural energy to do this but taking k9 black preworkout allows me to work my butt off at the gym! Plus, I LOVE the tingles it gives me.


I love Alpha Theory Supplements! I use them 6 days a week and they help me get that good pump every time!

K9 WHITE Pre-Workout (Lower Stim)
Adrian Morales Torres

K9 WHITE Pre-Workout (Lower Stim)

Whey+ Protein (Post workout)
Adrian Morales Torres

Whey+ Protein (Post workout)

Best pre workout

This pre workout is great, great flavor, pump, and energy!

Great flavor

Great flavor with all the qualities you would expect or want from pre-workout.

Preworkout white low stim

I think it was great still a little more jitteriness that I would like but definitely the best one I’ve had so far.


Used it for the first time today! Great pump during the workout, awesome taste and no crash! 10/10 will buy again!


One of my favorite shirts to lift in! Super comfy! Also you can use code carlson15 at checkout for 15% off!

Amazing taste and pump

This is my second time buying K9 Black. This time I went with the peach mango instead of the strawberry daiquiri. They both taste amazing and the energy and pump I get from this is nuts. Definitely recommend!

Honest review

I use many high stim pre's and wanted to see how this product stacked up. Product arrived quickly, and was packaged well. Loved the hand written thank you note as well. Flavor was very good (strawberry daiquiri) I compared well to other high priced pre's only slightly falling short on the energy rush. I personally had to use 2.5 scoops in 20oz of water. Overall great product and great price. Will buy again. Thanks

K9 WHITE Pre-Workout (Lower Stim)


The fit on the body is way too tight for a large. Im not even chunky in the hips or belly and it is still an uncomfortable fit.
It also came with sections on seam on the pocket fraying and coming apart.
I sent an email to customer service regarding the sizing and possible options, but up till now 11 days later i have still not received a response and only this review request. Talk about salt in the wound.
Very dissatisfied

Great Product with Great Energy

I already knew I liked Alpha Theory's pre-workout and BCAAs from a previous purchase so I knew that I would like the Blue Razz Pre-workout. I love the energy I get from this pre-workout. It's not over the top as some pre-workouts can be, which is why I choose the lower-stim product. I do have to say though that I am not in love with the Blue Razz flavor. I love the Pink Lemonade one more and hope that Alpha Theory stocks up on that one soon. Either way, I love Alpha Theory's products and will continue to purchase and use them for the future.

Men’s Aspire shorts
Anthony Simpson

Feels just as good or even better than it looks

I love it

My purchase was lovely and I love my new tank. I love how it fits and it makes me feel strong wearing it to work out.

Vanilla gorilla

This prework was the real deal no pixie dusting ingredients! Above clinical doses with tried and true ingredients! Highly recommend to any other strength or physique athlete!

K9 BLACK Pre-workout (Higher Stim)

Protein Review

The protein powder mixes well with whole milk. The taste was phenomenal. 10/10 would recommend.

As always, use cod “Adamsen15” for 15% off your order. Thank you!


No gimmicks or false information. It has clean energy and an amazing pump.

High Stim K9 Pre

Great taste and mix ability. Effects and pumps were nasty


Extremely comfortable!! Great fabric!!