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I went into the use of this pre workout with a lil skepticism...I hadn’t used any from anywhere in about a months time and I wanted to find something new that had an immediate impact...I found that in K9. The affect blew my expectations out of the water. If your lookin for that push to last through your whole workout K9 is where it’s at.

Love this product super beneficial to me and my gainssss

Awesome Products

Taste is Amazing, Results are Fantastic. Definitely will be ordering again when I am out! Thanks Alpha Theory & Marco Tonello for the Referral.

A1 customer service and products 💪

I love K9 stim so much the pumps are unreal nice clean energy perfect combo of ingredients 🔥 always getting killer days in with it.

Grate material

Super soft shirt, stretchy and comfortable, definitely recommend this

K9 BLACK Pre-workout (Higher Stim)


The peach mango is to die for!!

Pre-Workout (Higher Stim)

If you’re looking for a pre workout that, not only tastes good but, gives you that pump to power through any workout then look no further! Tingles and blood flow that will give you the energy to get through any workout!


I absolutely recommend this preworkout! It taste great, easy to drink the flavor is amazing!

Embroidered Hoodie

This hoodie is very comfortable. The quality of the clothing is on point. I really like that there is plenty of room in the hood and it covers your whole head ( I have a big head so I really appreciate this lol). Price wise it is good and I feel you’re paying worth your money. I think Alpha Theory does a great job with their apparel and I’ll most definitely be buying more clothes and products from them!

Very Tasty!

The pink lemonade flavor is incredibly tasty. It's so refreshing, I would happily drink it on a hot summer day. I don't notice any crash post-workout, but even after just half a scoop I do experience the itchy tingles in my hands, ears, and face. I'm a small human though, so it doesn't take much.

K9 BLACK Pre-workout (Higher Stim)

Great Preworkout!

I Have tried this for a little over a week now and am very pleased with the results. Mixes easily, tastes great, not gritty and the energy and pump are strong!

K-9 Preworkout

Absolutely love it! Gets me pumped to work out and doesn’t leave me with a crash or gross metal taste

I loved it! However...

I loved this product and plan to purchase and try the black bottle of pre-workout. The only draw back is that my body seemed to acclimate to the formula very quickly. I figure that switching back and forth between the stem and low stem will help that. That was the only downside I experienced.

Quality and comfort!!

I ordered the Alpha Theory Men’s hoodie and I love it!! It allows generous movement while being sturdy and durable with a super soft fleece lining! And the embroidered logo is sick, and won’t fall off like some other brands logos that are just printed on. Definitely gonna order more!!!

Black crop sweatshirt

Love it! Fits true to size and is the perfect go-to sweatshirt.

Ricky Montejano

The peach mango is by far the best pre-workout I've ever had. It doesn't give me any of the "crash" that others give me, and it also keeps me very focused and energetic at the gym. If i could give it more stars I would!

Ambassador and User Review

Fantastic Product, Great in the gym use, No crash after and just a generally great pre-workout product. Also great flavor!

Great flavor

The best flavor around! Great value
As well!

Love the products!!

I bought both the bcaas and the pre workout and i am in love with both. Also big fan of the shaker cup ;)

Great products!

I ordered the low stim pre workout and boy does it work! It gives you great energy and an amazing pump for being low stim. Definitely recommend! The stainless steel tumbler keeps my drinks freezing cold for a long time!


I love drinking the BCAAs with ice, almost making a slushee out of the drink, it’s awesome!

Comfy Hoodie

This hoodie I bought is seriously the best hoodie I have ever bought. The material is comfy and I can tell it will last a long time. I love it!