Want to become a BRAND AMBASSADOR?

Our brand ambassadors are on the front line of our movement and growth of the company. Spreading our message to make an impact in the fitness industry to better themselves both physically and mentally! 

Do you have what it takes to become a brand ambassador? Does our vibe fit with yours? If so we want you to become apart of our team! 

We are constantly looking for elite individuals who want to be apart of a real community of professionals, continuing to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives! 

Not only will you be apart of an amazing community that we call family. You can get paid making commissions using your personal ambassador discount code! How? We make it simple for you to get started all you have to do is enter your email to apply. 

If you are chosen to help represent us! You will get benefits to help you and those around you achieve the goal of maximizing there potential.


-10% COMMISSION ON SALES. Give your friends, family and followers 15% off with your own personalized brand ambassador discount code. And you'll receive 10% commission on the total sale paid out through our secure payment portal with your "PAYPAL" account. This is an email address that is given to you from "PAYPAL" when you sign up with them. You will input your "PAYPAL" email into the sign up below! You can even track your sales, traffic and commission with your own personal dashboard link. Help others and get paid for it! 

( Commissions are paid out on the first business day of each month! ) 

-25% OFF ALL OUR PRODUCTS just for being a brand ambassador. Theres no limit on the savings or products you can get discounted for! Life time discount. We want to keep you stacked up on our stuff. While promoting our cause of becoming the best version of yourself. 

-PERSONAL BRAND EXPOSURE We will be giving shoutouts to those who post, tag and express our company image. We want to help you get more eyes on your personal brand. We want to help build those in our community achieve any goals they are looking to accomplish. 

-AMBASSADOR GIVEAWAYS This is a new featured benefit that we cant wait for you to be apart of. We are partnering with other brands to give you giveaways just for being an ambassador and engaging in our posts. All you have to do is like, comment, share or shoutout our brand. We will be picking someone each month! Stay tuned on this and learn more when you apply! 

-NO SIGN UP FEES OR CONTRACTS some ambassador programs lock you into agreements to not represent other companies. We understand there are other brands out there that have great products too! But we feel confident that you'll love our products and the community/message behind the brand.